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Trading Strategies

Looking for the best forex trading strategy? Here are some of most talked about trading strategies used by retail forex traders. 

Trading on the Technicals refers to the use of charts and graphs to identify potential buy and sell levels.
Traders who employ these tools are often called "chartists".
Trading on the Fundamentals
Trading referred to as trading the news – is the study of news events and economic statistics to determine trading opportunities.


Trading Signals

Trading Signals are trade setups with detailed information to help you place and manage trades from start to finish. One of the biggest challenges that many traders face - newbie and experienced - is finding trading ideas. Take a look at trading signals by DailyFX by FXCM.



Trading           Academy

FXKnight's  award-winning Pro Training is the perfect solution for department managers, institutional traders, and individual investors alike.

They combine advanced Fibonacci strategies together with pivot points and moving averages into a trading system which we feel is easy to learn and consistently identifies trading opportunities in the markets with minimal risk exposure. 



Your Trusted Partner for All Investment Issues

In this constantly shifting economy, customers and institutional investors are increasingly in need of custom-tailored financial plans to help them meet their specific goals and requirements. LuxeCredit is committed to developing solutions that are on target with your needs, making both financially sound and responsible decisions.

Expert advice that achieves optimal results - learn more about the practices that set us apart from the competition. LuxeCredit focuses on providing sound financial advice for businesses and for individuals. We take an integrated approach that takes into consideration what is most prudent and beneficial for you.